What Is Juvienation?

Juvienation is written and published by Mark Sorkin, a journalist living in Brooklyn, New York. It is a news site covering developments in juvenile justice, a forum for exploring ideas on how to reform the system, and a resource for anyone interested in or curious about the subject. Along with regularly updated blog posts, Juvienation is also a repository of links to relevant articles, policy papers, websites and books. If you’d like to join the discussion, feel free to leave a comment or send an email to marksorkin@gmail.com.

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“This blog is the best site about juvenile justice reform on the Internet. It has all the latest news stories and links to almost every major independent study on the trend from juvenile jails to community based alternatives to incarceration.” –Eddie Borges, director of communications, New York Office of Children and Family Services

It’s great. It gives a comprehensive and accurate snapshot of juvenile justice across the nation, and features links to articles about what’s happening now in America. Definitely worth checking out.” –Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance

“It’s a bright and informative new contributor to our deliberations, especially as they apply to the need to do something smart at the juvenile level so we can stop doing so many counterproductive things at the adult level. Check them out and add them to your bookmarks. They should be daily reading.” –Michael Connelly, Corrections Sentencing blog