TYC Drops Isolation

Citing this article in the Waco Tribune Herald, Grits for Breakfast brings the promising news that the Texas Youth Commission will no longer house violent youth in solitary confinement for extended periods of time, a punitive practice more appropriate for adult prisons than for juvenile offenders, who are ostensibly supposed to receive treatment in the interest of rehabilitation. Instead of relying on isolation as “aggression management,” the Tribune Herald reports,

TYC is revamping its behavior management program, which is conducted at all TYC facilities, [TYC spokesman Jim] Hurley said. It will be called Redirect and will revolve around a specialized treatment curriculum designed to manage aggressive youths.

The revamped program will focus on getting inmates to recognize what triggers their violent behavior so they can stop it, Hurley said. He added that it will operate on a privilege system, rather than a punitive one.

Each facility will continue to have so-called security cells where violent youths can be isolated if necessary, Hurley said. However, the cells will be used only for short periods of time.


One response to “TYC Drops Isolation

  1. A reality check. A youth that assaulted me was kept in security for about 5 days then assigned to a different dorm. About a week a after that he and another blood assaulted another youth ( a physically disabled youth). He spent another 7 to 10 days in security during which time he assaulted a security staff over a pencil. 3 months later this 16 yr old was certified as an adult and about 3 months after that was sent to TDCJ on a plea bargain. Thank god he wasn’t abused by having to sit in a cell in security working on a program to deal with his thinking errors and unmet needs rather than fast tracking to the pen.

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