Youth Crime Wave in Daytona?

Here’s a curious AP article (unsigned and, I would argue, unfocused and possibly misleading) on the alleged uptick in felony crimes committed by young people in Daytona Beach. “Daytona’s crime rate is more than double Florida’s and the nation’s, having jumped 13 percent in 2006 alone,” the article states. No hard numbers on the extent to which juveniles are contributing to that rise; just some anecdotal quotes from local law enforcement, boilerplate lines about kids who “fall between the cracks” and some demographic data showing economic and racial disparities in the area. Also a hint of a broader discussion in which Daytona’s woes reflect the broader failures of juvenile justice policy in America, and a brief look at the nonprofits that are struggling with shrinking budgets as they try to address the problem in Daytona.

Who edited this piece?


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