In Good Company

Memo from the department of self-promotion: Juvienation has been included on the Criminal Justice Degree Guide’s list of the Top 100 Criminal Justice Blogs. There doesn’t seem to be an order of rank on this most distinguished of lists; rather, the blogs have been organized by type. Juvienation sits alongside some well-regarded big fish in the Corrections and Sentencing category, which “features blogs about the death penalty, prison systems, sentencing law and policy, and other criminal justice news.” They include:

Capital Defense Weekly: Read detailed commentary about sentencing, the death penalty and criminal justice news at Capital Defense Weekly.

Sentencing Law and Policy: Recent posts from this blog discuss the death penalty, child pornography cases, and coverage of top cases.

The Lonely Abolitionist: This anti-death penalty blog includes posts about cases around the country.

StandDown Texas Project: This is the blog for the StandDown Texas Project, which advocates a review of the Texas criminal justice system and the death penalty.

The Real Cost of Prisons Weblog: Find information about immigration, criminal sentencing, state prison plans, civil liberties and other topics in this blog.

Second Circuit Sentencing Blog: Look up cases and review sentencing decisions from cases in the Second Circuit here.

Juvienation: This blog is written by a journalist in Brooklyn who writes about the issues and reforms surrounding the juvenile justice system.

Texas Prison Bid’ness: Recent posts from this blog discuss prisoner transfers, funding, private prisons and other topics relating to the prison system in Texas. This hosting service supports blogs written by prisoners, and the most recent entries are posted on the home page.

Death Penalty: Amnesty International’s Death Penalty blog covers executions, legislation and cases in states around the country.

Check ’em out; add ’em to your blogroll.


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