Welcome, and Welcome Back

Please welcome a new blog put together by the Families & Allies of Virginia’s Youth, which is “a statewide family-driven organization that engages youth and families of all races, ethnicities, and economic status.” Its mission, according to the website, has two central planks:

  1. We work to empower and support families and young people who encounter the juvenile justice system, and
  2. We push to transform that system into one that is fair and effective, that engages families, and that appropriately serves young people in settings near their home communities.

Anyone interested in more information should check out the blog here (also now listed on the blogroll to the right) or contact Executive Director Liane Rozzell (see the site for contact info).

And while you’re in the welcoming spirit, please welcome Juvienation back to the land of the living. Yeah, so I basically took the past three weeks off–May was a busy month of wedding planning and celebrations, culminating with the ceremony and reception last weekend in Atlanta. Honeymoon in Italy is coming up in July, during which the site will go dark again for about two weeks.


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