The JJ Channel

From the Campaign for Youth Justice April newsletter:

The Campaign for Youth Justice now has a presence on YouTube! We have created a channel called “jjreform” which can be accessed at Currently, there are several videos that represent the juvenile justice issue of transfer and youth in adult prisons and jails, including a success story that aired in Vermont which includes an interview with Senator Patrick Leahy, chairman of the US Senate Judiciary Committee. In addition, the “Favorites” section includes the following: a Caron Butler biography, Anne-Marie Ambrose testifying on Capital Hill, the NAACP State of Emergency video, an interview with former Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) Administrator Shay Bilchik, and a Connecticut TV story about Congressman Chris Murphy’s (D-CT) juvenile justice legislation. We will continue to update this new channel with relevant videos from news stories, formerly incarcerated youth, experts, and more. If you have or know of an informative video on the prosecution of youth as adults that you would like us to add, please contact Eric Solomon at or 202.558.3580 ext. 20.

Editor’s note: I’ve added a link to the YouTube channel on JJ Reform to the blogroll on the right. Be sure to check it periodically for updates.


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