Willie-Hortoning Obama

Check out this new anti-Obama attack ad set to run in North Carolina ahead of the May 6 primary. It was put together by Floyd Brown, the genius who brought us the Willie Horton smears against Michael Dukakis back in 1988, so that should give you a sense of what to expect. Turns out Obama coddled gang members when he was a Chicago state senator. He loved ’em, couldn’t get enough of ’em, served ’em dinner on the fine china.

(In fact, in 2001 he voted against expanding the death penalty for gang-related murders; not much of a scandal in a state headed by a Republican governor who had instituted a moratorium on capital punishment a year earlier.)

If Obama is so soft on Chicago gang-bangers, the ad insinuates, imagine how soft he’d be on… international terrorists!

(Hat tip to Nation blogger Ari Berman for the find.)


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