ATTN: Reclaiming Futures Applicants

Reclaiming Futures, a five-year, $21 million project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has been developing new models for juvenile justice at ten pilot sites across the nation (locations here). A new grant is allowing the program to expand to six new communities, and the program is inviting prospective 2008 participants to a one-hour introductory web conference at 1:30 pm on March 20 ahead of the April 1 deadline. According to the press materials, “No grant funds will be awarded, but successful applicants will receive a technical assistance package valued at $180,000.” Call for proposal here. Instructions for the March 20 web conference follow below:

To take part in the free web conference, visit a few minutes before the meeting start time. The meeting number is 577 407 494. The password is “reclaiming.”

Once you’re logged-in, you’ll get a “Join Teleconference” pop-up form. The first field asks you to “select a phone.” Please ignore that box and go the next (and last) box which simply asks for your “Number.” Type in your telephone number, including area code, and click “submit.” You will receive a phone call immediately thereafter connecting you to the audio portion.

If you do not have a direct line (if you have an extension in your number) this call back feature will not work. In this case close the “Join Teleconference” window and manually dial 866-469-3239. You will then be asked for a meeting number. The meeting number is: 577 407 494

If you encounter difficulty getting into the meeting, please call Tech Support: 1-866-863-3904. After you’re connected choose option #4. Then choose option #1.


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