Ellen: We Need to Change the Message

Ellen DeGeneres opened her show this morning with a few minutes of emotional commentary on the murder of Lawrence King.

“A boy has been killed and a number of lives have been ruined,” she said. “And somewhere along the line the killer, Brandon, got the message that it’s so threatening and so awful and so horrific that Larry would want to be his valentine that killing Larry seemed to be the right thing to do. And when the message out there is so horrible, that to be gay, you can get killed for it, we need to change the message [applause]. Larry was not a second-class citizen. I am not a second-class citizen. It is OK if you’re gay…. I would like you to start paying attention to how often being gay is a punch line of a monologue or how often gay jokes are in a movie. That kind of message–laughing at someone because they’re gay is just the beginning. It starts with laughing at someone, and then it’s verbal abuse, and then it’s physical abuse, and then it’s this kid Brandon killing a kid like Larry. We must change our country, and we can do it. We can do it with our behavior, we can do it with the messages we send our children, we can do it with our vote.”

Watch the video.


3 responses to “Ellen: We Need to Change the Message

  1. You are so right Ellen… I will do better to think of the people that my comments could be mocking. You always say it “Just right”. We mourn w/ you!

  2. the kid that killed larry makes me ashamed to even share the same name with him.

    it’s just horrible that he killed him because he wanted him to be his valentine.

    it makes me think of how glad i am that when i told my bestfriend that was straight that i liked him that he didn’t kill me.

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