The Murder of Lawrence King


On February 12, Brandon McInerney, a 14-year-old at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, California, walked into his computer lab and shot 15-year-old Lawrence King (pictured above) in the head in front of two dozen classmates. Lawrence was declared brain dead a day later and taken off life support on February 14. Brandon fled the scene and was quickly apprehended by local police; he is being held at a juvenile detention facility in nearby Ventura on $770,000 bail. Prosecutors are charging him as an adult with gun possession and murder as a premeditated hate crime–if convicted, he faces fifty-two years to life in prison.

This was not a gang-related killing nor a school shooting spree. It was an execution. Brandon singled Lawrence out and shot him at point-blank range, allegedly because Lawrence was gay–and, friends say, recently admitted to having a crush on Brandon.

Lawrence, indeed, had come out to his classmates during this school year. In recent weeks, he had begun to dress like a girl, wearing lipstick and jewelry, nail polish and high-heeled boots. His sexual display, classmates explained in interviews with the press, had prompted taunts from some of the boys at school, including Brandon. Lawrence wasn’t shy, though; he stood up for himself in confrontations. According to the Los Angeles Times, Brandon and Lawrence had gotten into a shouting match at lunch the day before he was killed. A student who witnessed the encounter said one of the bullies shouted to Lawrence, “You better watch your back.”

By all accounts, Lawrence was a sweet, confident kid who was just starting to embrace his identity. News reports have zeroed in on some colorful details, revealing the vibrant personality behind an otherwise faceless victim. This was a kid who helped his mother crochet scarves for US troops for the holidays. A budding entomologist, he collected insects and could identify various species of household bugs, and he had planted a passion fruit vine in his backyard so that it would attract butterflies. The metaphors at hand are rich and poignant, and so sad: as soon as he crawled out of his cocoon, he was squashed.

Lawrence didn’t have it easy at school. He wasn’t spared from the bullying that often accompanies those who come out at such a young age. And he didn’t have it easy at home, either. His parents, Greg and Dawn King, have been reticent in the wake of their son’s death, perhaps because they don’t care to explain why they had kicked him out of the house. Lawrence spent his final days at Casa Pacifica, a shelter for abused children, where, according to Tom Gregory at Huffington Post, he found solace and acceptance in a black Newfoundland named Archie.

The shooting, understandably, has shocked the residents of Oxnard, a relatively peaceful, middle-class suburb near Malibu. On Saturday, February 16, nearly 1,000 supporters–classmates from a wide spectrum of social circles, parents, activists and stunned neighbors–came together to pay tribute in a march through town. “The size of the turnout surprised police, school officials and even the two Hueneme High School sophomores who put the event together,” the LA Times reported.

“We were expecting maybe 100 or 200 people,” said Courtney LaForest, 16, as she gazed at a broad “peace circle” formed by march participants at Plaza Park in downtown Oxnard. “This is incredible.”

Courtney said the turnout reflected a community’s anguish over a senseless shooting that has destroyed the lives of two young men. It was also a public plea for tolerance on school campuses for those who are different, she said.

Vigils have been taking place ever since, along with tolerance teach-ins and support sessions for parents of fearful, traumatized children. Meanwhile, the story has galvanized LGBT activists nationwide and has even reached the ears of the top Democratic contenders for President. When Hillary Clinton heard about the incident, her campaign issued this statement:

I was deeply saddened by the recent death of 15-year-old Lawrence King who was killed at his school in Oxnard, CA. No one should face intimidation or violence, particularly at school, because of their sexual orientation or the way they express their gender identity.

We must finally enact a federal hate crimes law to ensure that gay, lesbian and transgender Americans are protected against violent, bias-motivated crimes. We must send a unified message that hate-based crime will not be tolerated.

Barack Obama quickly followed suit:

It was heartbreaking to learn about Lawrence King’s death, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. King’s senseless death is a tragic example of the corrosive effect that bigotry and fear can have in our society. It’s also an urgent reminder that we need to do more in our schools to foster tolerance and an acceptance of diversity; that we must enact a federal hate crimes law that protects all LGBT Americans; and that we must recommit ourselves to becoming active and engaged parents, citizens and neighbors, so that bias and bigotry cannot take hold in the first place. We all have a responsibility to help this nation live up to its founding promise of equality for all.

Notice how both Clinton and Obama included a call in their statements for a federal hate crimes bill. It’s here that I get tripped up a bit. As I think about this troubling case, a thorny legal question keeps pricking at me: Is this, by legal standards, a hate crime? To ask the question is not to let Brandon off the hook. He faces a serious charge for a serious crime. He has a lot to answer for, and he’ll have his day in court (he will enter his plea on March 21). To ask the question, though, is to ask whether a 14-year-old is capable of committing a hate crime. It’s a crucial question to ask, as the case moves forward and as legislators consider a federal hate crime bill.

For what it’s worth, I strongly suspect that Brandon’s lethal aggression toward Lawrence has more to do with immaturity and access to guns than calculated, categorical hatred for homosexuals. I hope that the court takes his age into consideration when meting out his punishment.


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  1. I’m never quite sure what to make of calls for federal hate crime legislation and what the point of it is. I can’t envision that past murders would have been prevented by it or that future murderers will be deterred by it.

    Certainly, Brandon will have to take responsibility for what he’s done. It is tragic that he has taken a life and ruined his own. I can only hope that his age will be taken into consideration and that there is some slim hope that there is a place for him to serve his time besides adult prison. Should he be incarcerated in the adult corrections system, I believe he will have absolutely no chance of ever grasping, understanding or showing remorse for what he’s done. Violent juvenile offenders must be treated differently than violent adult offenders. I believe they must be serve time, but every minute of that time should take place in a highly structured environment apart from hardened adult criminals and predators who prey on youthful offenders. What a tragic story this is for so many. So many lives ruined.

  2. The King execution was troubling for a number of reasons. His murder was generally ignored by mainstream press, even though it represented the first pre-meditated targeted school schooting of the 46 on record (since 1966). Public officials have been very reluctant to condemn this murder and anti-gay school violence. Lastly, Larry King was failed by his family (for removing him from his family), his school (for minimizing the known hostile feelings toward Larry), and the Oxnard Police Dept., who had prior notification that a violent attack on Larry was imminent. This amounts to deliberate indifference by the very institutions that should be protecting a vulnerable, innocent boy. Parents, school, and police. This was a crime, and many more than the shooter are guilty.

  3. Quote:- Mr Zuley “Lastly, Larry King was failed by his family (for removing him from his family), his school (for minimizing the known hostile feelings toward Larry), and the Oxnard Police Dept., who had prior notification that a violent attack on Larry was imminent. This amounts to deliberate indifference by the very institutions that should be protecting a vulnerable, innocent boy. Parents, school, and police.”


    I could replace Larry’s name above with that of another 15yr old ‘gay’ youth, equally let down by his parents, police & education services…he ended up living on the streets at 15yrs old in the respectable town of Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom!

    The problem is one of Institutionalised ‘HOMOPHOBIA’.

  4. Back to this the little boy in Oxnard , killed by another little boy. Apparently the Gay rights groups are all over this. I,ve read about 30 different accounts of this story. Its been reported that these groups are going to monitor this one from start to finish. Who are they trying to intimidate and why?

    Their cry is to lynch this 14 year old Homophobic and try him as an adult, applying hate crime legislation to increase the amount of punishment. They want to send a message and they want sensitivety training conducted in the schools to teach tolerance for Homosexuality. I, did,nt say this. The newspapers from Calif. did.

    I have some people who would rather I keep my opinions to myself. Hmm sounds familiar. Sounds like they want to silence any other opinion than their own. Well at risk of being called Homophobic again, I,m still going to interject some provoking thought.

    First, what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. Yes it seems cut and dry enough that the boy Brandon did commit this terrible act. I hear Ellen Degenerous and others say that this poor child was oppressed and bullied for being Gay. They hold up his picture and yes this was a cute, adorable looking little boy and looking at his picture its hard to imagine anyone having anger at this child.

    At age 14, who indoctrinated this kid into thinking he was Gay? Mute point I guess since he already was convinced. I just remember when I was 14 and I liked girls just fine, but I was realizing I liked them a little more than I used to, I was seeing them in a different light you might say. No one told me it was a matter of self discovery, and the search was on from then.

    Back to the Lawrence the boy who passed away. From what I read in the newspaper he was new to the area and lived in a fosterhome. Kind of a loner, (but what new kid is,nt?) He was,nt oppressed by his school, He obviously felt secure enough to come to school dressed like a girl, even though it violated school dress code. One of the girls said the girls could,nt even wear high heels to school. He apparently was coming out of his shell. The witnesses in the newspaper said he had conflict the day before with Brandon (the Bully as some called him, although some said he was a nice guy and found it hard to believe what he did) Lawrence obviously was,nt intimidated or felt threatended by Brandon or even oppressed by him. He felt safe enough to taunt him and tell him that he liked him and wanted to date him. This is where their conflict started. One witness said the day before the incident Lawrence was again taunting Brandon and Brandon said “you better stop or I,l hurt you” Sounds like a reasonable request and warning, not bullying.

    This is where it gets grey, this is where I say the agenda setters need to get off their high horse and allow people to dig deeper for the truth. Then if it is determined that the crime was done with forethought and malice, yes prosecute. (Hate crime laws? Thats an agenda perpetuated against an unsuspecting public)

    Why stop at he was Gay and thats why he was killed. OK thats a wrap, lynch Brandon, make him an example for future Homophobics.

    Though it would,nt change the fact that Lawrence was killed, or that Brandon had did it, What would a jury think if it turned out that the reason Brandon had such an aversion to Lawrences taunts (a different form of bullying in itself) was that he was molested or sodomized by an Uncle, Stepfather, Priest…
    and that inside he was carrying this terrible secret and now was being taunted by a exhibitionist Homosexual. That would explain his amplified revulsion.

    I dont know if that happened, I am not ready to rule it out. The Gay rights groups would,nt want you to hear that theory, because that would make Homosexual abuse complicant to the crime. Not good for the agenda.

    Bullying can be physical or mental. Before you lynch this kid Brandon, Should,nt he be allowed to give his side of the story first. Or are we advocating changing the laws to due process now?

  5. The boy was Gay. OK maybe you feel that was the only reason he was killed. I happen to think it goes much deeper than that.

    The fact that this other boy had the feeling he could solve his problems by killing another human being. I believe this boy could have killed anyone, Gay or not.

    I,m sorry if my position is offensive to you. Its not my intent. I do feel that Homosexuality is being pushed as an alternative normal lifestyle. Kids should be taught more important things in school. Pedophilia are adult homosexual men who happen to like children. So is this an alternative?

    Its tough enough for kids who have heterosexual feelings. Theirs is a journey of self discovery. rejection, acceptance, rejection, betrayal,acceptance…. For kids who have been indoctrinated to an alternative. They have a whole new set of rejection issues.

    Why is it that his sexuality was brought up? If a boy kills his girlfriend because she cheated on him, is her promiscuity an issue?

    You are closer to the issue than I am. I am in noways making light of what happened. It was terrible. and for all the kids who died at school shootings, this is no less tragic, because someone could not cope properly. His being Homosexual may have triggered something that was already manifesting itself within this kid who did the shooting. Perhaps he was molested or sodomized and was repulsed by Lawrences advances. He went so far as to warn the him.

    I just think Ellen Degeneras contradicts herself when she says she doe,nt want to politicize it. She makes it into an issue about Gay lifestyle and Gay oppression.

    Its not about Gay lifestyle. Hate is hate.

  6. Sadly enough, I’ve just heard about this story and have limited details about the specifics of this incident. Therefore I will not debate nor argue any points of interest. However, I would like to address the use of the word indoctrinate. How did you arrive at this word? According to the first definition of this word is as follows: : to instruct especially in fundamentals or rudiments : teach
    The context in which you used it implies that he was “taught” to be gay which is a bunch of balogna. Homosexuality is not something that you can teach someone. He was attracted to someone of the same gender and was expressing normal childhood curiosity. We all went through the stage of being curious about anything and everything when we were kids and anyone that says they didn’t is lieing. As we get older and start figuring ourselves out, that’s when our identity takes form and makes us who we are. Stereotypes are in every culture and that’s what the public sees first and automatically thinks of. It takes alot to see through something and find out what is really there. Lawrence is the only person who can tell you why he was doing what he was doing, all we can do is just merely guess. What I am getting at is this: not all homosexuals are like the stereotype just as with other groups, too. Now for the boy who shot him: Was it gay panic, responding to a threat because he had a negative experience with an individual that indentified themselves as being gay or just another kid with anger and reasonable access to weapons? Again, I think you would have to have repeated interaction with the shooter to get an idea of where his mind is at. None of these kids were “indoctrinated.” I don’t believe that for a minute.

  7. lets just say that this kid was raped by 50000000 people over his lifetime, all men. And when he was hit on by another guy it flooded his brain with all the negative, traumatizing, humiliating, dehumanizing feelings he had as he was being subjected to such ill treatment as homosexual rape. Guess what!?!? HE STILL KILLED SOMEONE. hate crime, no hate crime, was he raped? was he abused? did he have a bad childhood? had someone gay hit on him? WHO CARES!?!?! MURDER IS MURDER no matter who does it to whom. So he murdered a gay guy, give him his 12 years for possession of a firearm and then the minimum for murder which is 20 and then send his little 14 year old butt to prison for the next 32 years. separate him from the adults by putting him in Juvenile detention until his 18th birthday and then send him to adult prison for the remaining 28 years. The ONLY reason I say don’t send him straight to adult prison is because he’ll probably be raped and or murdered there and no matter what someone does to someone else I still believe they have rights. And where I believe that this kid deserves to be put in adult prison and get killed just like he killed someone, I don’t think its ethical.

    and no one indoctrinates someone to be gay. I KNEW I was gay at 11. My loving attentive parents are VERY VERY VERY conservative Southern Baptist members who attend every week, 3 times a week. My mom is the music minister and my dad is a sunday school teacher. On top of that I went to the church’s school all the way till I was a senior in high school. I came out as gay and was expelled. My entire life I was sheltered from homosexuality. I had NO CLUE what being gay was and when I realized I was attracted to guys and NO OTHER GUY was, I thought I was the ONLY ONE in the world…Who indoctrinated me at 11? Huh? How could they when 24/7 I was SURROUNDED by NOTHING that even remotely resembled ANYTHING that could POSSIBLY be seen as gay. Its something that you are or aren’t and no matter where you are or who you are around NOTHING will change that one way or the other.

    No I don’t think you are homophobic I just think you are ignorant of what you claim to know. Ignorance can be fixed with a ten minute google search if you would take the time to do it.

  8. first let me say I don’t condone what happened, it is in excusable at every level and horrific.

    Now I will state what no one will say in our “politically correct society”.

    On the other hand, why do gays insist on being “in your face” with their lifestyle? This child, in middle school wasn’t just gay, he chose to push the envelope in a big way, i.e. wearing heels, makeup, jewelry, painted nails etc. Clearly being in with a bunch of boys in a rural community where identity issues are emerging is making an intentional statement designed to provoke a reaction. Unfortunately the reaction was what it was, but the victim clearly was looking for a reaction.

    In addition, my children have dress codes at school and will be sent home for violation. My son is not allowed to wear a baseball cap during school hours… yes a baseball cap, one would argue this is a symbol of his “boyness” and my daughter can’t wear spaghetti strap tops or show a bare midriff. As we are in California, I’m sure the school there had similar dress codes, however no one sent that child home, probably “in fear” of the gay backlash that everyone is afraid to say anything to.

    Why is it that the gay community “insist” we accept their “lifestyle” and are in your face with it constantly. “Gay Pride” parades etc, I mean we don’t have “Heterosexual Parades” simulating every type of sexual conduct and behaviour on the tv screens for everyone to see.

    In concluding, once again I think what happened is horrific and in no way is justifiable, however common sense is not to wave a red flag to a bull. I’m not going to stand up in front of a bunch of hell’s angels and state “bikers are pussies”. If I do I can’t say, after I’ve been beaten to a pulp, why did this tragedy happen? Those terrible bikers for not accepting “my freedom of speech”. No, if you want to push the envelope and elecit a reaction, you most certainly will get a reaction, and sadly, every now and then, you miscalculate and the odds aren’t in your favor and this happens. Instead of being shocked by the shooters reaction, people should be amazed at peoples “tolerance” that it hasn’t happened more often. All things considered, people have been pretty tolerant to ignore the obvious, and yes aggressive, in your face confrontations.

  9. Editor’s Note: For the record, I’ve got a pretty hands-off approach to the comments section on this blog. I reject spam and comments that are explicit, illegible, openly hateful or that advocate violence, but I generally allow people to express opinions I disagree with–even if I disagree with them very strongly. I believe that “Dan,” whose detestable comment precedes mine above, has a right to express himself. Lawrence, too, had a right to express himself, but that right was tragically, fatally, taken from him. Hopefully, “Dan” and others who agree with him will come to see the hateful double standard that clouds his thinking.

  10. Dan, first of all I would like to say that it’s unfortunate that you feel the way you do. I don’t flaunt my “gayness” or anything to that degree; in fact you would never figure me out unless I told you or someone else did. The ones that push the envelope and the issue just simply don’t know any better. It’s like that with every culture, no matter who we are talking about. I, for one, have had tons and tons of negative experiences with black people some to the point where they really really pushed the issue of their race. Yes, I was really angered by it and it took *alot* for me to just finally realize that hatred is baggage and you shouldn’t hold onto it. People are people and that’s just the way world works. I’m not trying to change your view point or your mind set any, just wanting to broaden your horizons as to why folks push issues and envelopes. Surely, after all that I’ve been through and can tolerate my issues you should be able to also.

  11. I heard this story today and was deeply sadened after reading what happened to Lawrence. What the hell is this world coming to? Why can we not accept people for who they are regardless of what sexuality they choose to be? Because of some kids phobia Lawrence’s life was cut short. People need to open their minds and see that every one of us is unique. If we were all the same what fun would the world be???

  12. What a tragic story. Larry King should not have pursued Brandon and Brandon should not have shot Larry. There should be strict rules in school about gay males pursuing straight males. Larry should have known better not to hit on straight guys but he didn’t deserve to die for it.

  13. Wow Larry you will be in my prayers….I hope when people use the Word “Gay” or “Faggot” they remember Larry and what he went through….I support gay marriage and I hope the world gets over their Ego and Ignorance and comes to the same conclusion! RIP Larry and god bless all the homosexuals

  14. When I heard about this it tore me up inside to think that two young people have had their lived completley destroyed due to the inherent levels of homophobia that exist and are reflected through the comments above, to be gay isn’t a choice or a lifstyle… I struggle to see why I would have chosen to be gay when there is so much hatred, fear and ignorance passed from the dominant ‘straight’ population. As for these two young men, they are both victims of society … its not a competition we’re all the same, if a straight guy can chat up any woman he likes regardless of whether the woman is gay straight or bi then what’s the issue with a gay man doing the same? If we respected each other and understood each other then a man hitting on you wld be regarded as a compliment rather than a dig to your masculinity. Ignorance and fear those different to us is clearly dangerous.

  15. Mackenzie Myers

    I am a yearbook editor at Washington Manor Middle School, Ca. I am doing a page on the day of silence, and would like to know if I could you the photo of Lawrence King on the page. I would also like you to know that it will be printed in our yearbook and viewed by our fellow classmates. If you have any questions, or need to contact me my email address is

  16. In one of the eastern countries, when you commit a crime, they cut off the limb with which you did it; I hope they do so to him, slow and painfully. Then he should be left alone for the rest of his life; because Lawrence’s dead body will rot just the same…
    [**proud and careful because of being gay**]

  17. thats soo sad …when i heard about it i was schocked one has the right to take anyones life exept for god ..RIP Lawrence King

  18. dominique (17)

    im sadden by ALOT of these comments. but dan upset me the most. why do us gays insists we accept our lifestyles??? really for 1 you dont have to accept it just respect it!! i could careless if you accept it or not we have rights to dress anyway we want just like you have the right to dress the way you want! there should be nothing more said about that issue period point blank! like why do we have to dress how you want us to dress so that you can feel comfortable?? why should i have to act as if shes not my girl when she is so that you can be comfortable??? like come on its kinda sad!!

    R.I.P Lawrence King

  19. I would like to point out that yes he taunted Brandon, and yes he explored what he was feeling and what he was doing wasn’t wrong because if it was a heterosexual boy following his curiousity towards a girl or girl towards boy there would be no hidden agenda, no questions to be raised just left at what it was as “normal” child behavior, I would like to point out we are in 2010 people and exploring homosexuality is part of the norm!! Get use to it, And to Robert about him saying that what if he was sodomaized or sexually assualted, Brandon will not tell anyone why he did so that leaves him up for Death penalty because he will not speak for himself and what he did!

  20. Jessica S, Naples, FL

    I just read about this case almost three years later. Newsweek ran an 8 page Internet version reporting on the circumstances of this murder and the events leading up to it. Much of the story was devoted to developing an “objective” picture of the victim, and it was a picture I didn’t like. Included were references to this (“sweet”) boy’s ADHD and possible autism, and a report of his using a screwdriver to poke holes in the walls of a room where he was once confined.

    When I finished this lengthy article I decided the multiple authors were heterosexuals trying their best to appear objective, while building a case against the victim. It wasn’t so much what they reported … it was how they reported it. They managed to fault one of the three assistant principals as well, noting she was gay, and kept a picture of her girlfriend on her desk. This gay woman was titled “MS”, while the heterosexual women were titled “MRS”. Reports of her brief discussions with this boy included opinions that she was promoting her own gay agenda instead of attending to this boy’s safety.

    Most unfortunate is the misunderstanding caused by the promotion of these stories. Most heterosexuals think gay people all behave like this boy did. Most gays DO NOT flaunt their sexuality any more than straights do. Those less informed heterosexuals who are against repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” claim gays in the military would be a dangerous distraction. They don’t know most gays don’t act like this.

    As I see it there was plenty of blame to go around. The boy who was shot harassed the shooter. It may be true that he didn’t deserve to be executed for his behavior. What is true is that nobody should be harassed in school, or in the workplace or on the street. Whether the aggressor is gay or straight does not matter. Being the target of unwanted sexual advances is unpleasant for anyone, gay or straight. The victim also disrupted the normal school curriculum. Most classes are not subjected to an exhibition every day all day. While the victim may have been liked by many students he still disrupted normal classes.

    This disruption should have been stopped by the school administration. If the boy violated dress codes he should have been corrected. It appears he respected authority when he was told to do something as when one teacher told him to remove his mascara. When the vice principal told him he was allowed to wear mascara it was reported he returned the next day wearing triple the normal amount of mascara. At this point he needed someone to explain to him the difference between a normal permitted amount and an excessive disruptive amount of mascara.

    It’s suggested the school administrators were afraid of correcting this child’s transgressions because they were afraid of gay backlash. It’s more than this. They were afraid of being labeled homophobes – and they WERE homophobes, because they thought this is how all gay people act. Most gays don’t like disruptive behavior in a learning or working environment any more than straights do. Those who objected would soon be corrected by their own who are interested in civil rights for everyone. Freedom and civil rights does NOT MEAN any and all behavior is tolerated if a person belongs to a minority group. Unacceptable behavior violates the rights of everyone.

    The way school officials ignored the excessive behavior of this single child is an example of such misplaced tolerance. He was allowed to impose his own needs over the needs of all the other children who came to school to learn, not to be audience to a solo Halloween Revue performance every day, all day, while school was in session. This situation is what anti-gay movements refer to as gays expecting “special rights”. The boy had no right to act any way he wanted to act when he was in a group whose purpose was to learn. His behavior interfered with the normal school sessions.

    Correcting a distraction is NOT a violation of civil rights. It is NOT HOMOPHOBIC. Gay people as well as straight people need to follow the rules all people follow. School is supposed to provide most of a child’s socialization. Everyone must learn how to fit into a world where there are many different types of people with different goals, different feelings, different backgrounds, etc. All are thrown in together and each teacher is supposed to provide a common ground where all can agree.

    Had the situation been managed differently, there would have been no tragedy. The administration’s fear of correcting the boy showed their own homophobia. They themselves thought this is what gay people are like. They were afraid of being accused of being homophobic if they corrected him. Had the administration consisted of gay personnel, they would NOT have ignored the self-destructive behavior of a young exhibitionist who crossed the line too often and offended too many people. He didn’t understand the difference yet. He was too young and had no family to show him the way. He should have been corrected and shown how to fit in when he was among other people – how to work and play with others. This is what school is for – to take over where the parents leave off, making sure every student who passes through leaves with the ability to fit in to society without losing himself or herself in the process.

    School should NOT strip one’s identity. They only need to gently guide students in the right direction until the student catches on. By graduation it’s assumed this socialization has been done and the student is ready to go out into the world. An uncorrected flaming attention seeker would never be able to interview for a job. What would he have done after graduation if he was allowed to proceed uncorrected through all the grades?

  21. If a defense lawyer in a gay bashing case wants to bring up criminal or illegal conduct the gay did to cause the reaction, then yes, a jury must consider it in deciding whether it’s 1st, 2nd or Manslaught­er. This boys defense lawyers have a right to bring up abuse the victim did to cause the reaction. The boy will still go to prison for many years because you don’t have a right to kill any1 except self-defen­d.

    People need to stop making excuses for what the victim did. The school should’ve expelled the victim when sexual harassment accusation­s were made, but the vice principal who was lesbian permitted it even when other teachers talked about the victim’s disruptive behavior. If a boy did this to girls-sexu­ally harass them, he’d be suspended or expelled from school. No, getting shot in the head is extreme, but the victim had no right to sexually harass. Let’s end excuses for sexual harassment when it’s homosexual­.

  22. Added note. Have read through the ongoing case & found some things. The victim had in the past harassed other boys in the bathroom by asking for sex there & the boys rather than beat the victim, reported him to a teacher about the harassment. When the teacher tried to take action, she was overriden by the lesbian vice principal. The victim had also harassed other boys by saying that he had homosexual relations with them when it was false. Yes, shooting him in the head was the punishment not fitting the crime, but the victim was harassing the boy before he was shot & the vice principal did nothing about the harassment when complaints arose. This case is not 1st Degree, but manslaughter-no, not 1 of the defense lawyers.

    Lesbian/gay school officials are a bad idea because many of them tolerate sexual harassment when it’s homosexual as the lesbian vice principal did here. Homo/lesbian activities are useless & worthless. But why did the victim thinks he was gay @ just 15? Now if it’s an adult taking part in homosexual/lesbian activities, then it @least involves adults. But a teenager isn’t old enough to take part in this. GID is worse than homosexuality & they must abolish sex changes, though another topic. With the victim, what I must wonder is did he think he was gay because of biology or was he a victim of homosexual sex abuse such as by priest which messed up his sexuality? 20-33% of men who are homosexual were victims of homosexual rape in youth. Now you can deny that there’s a link, but if some1 is sexually abused in youth, the likelihood is more that they’ll take part in homosexual activities in adulthood vs. if they weren’t. So yes, I believe that for SOME, sex abuse in youth can cause homosexuality behaviorally speaking because sex abuse messes up the mind, while there are some people who take part in gay/lesbian activities because it’s their true orientation perhaps as a result of birth defect though unsure if it’s inborn . People don’t choose orientation, but they do choose sexual behavior & even if orientation doesn’t change, it’s best for people not to take part in homosexual/lesbian activities as again, they are useless & worthless-celibacy benefits homosexuals/lesbians. Anyhow, with this case the fact is that sexual harassment was tolerated by the lesbian vice principal. Finally most ‘gay bashings’ are men reacting or overreacting to criminal abuse that the gay 1st did. Most cases are self-defend such as man decks a homosexual after the homosexual committed a crime such as grab the man’s butt or groin against will (assault&battery) after which the man decked him. These cases usu. don’t get reported in the press because it’s not interesting & not newsworthy. The news is writing about unusual cases such as where a homicide happened as in this case.

  23. The case has been pleabargained after hung jury & Brandon McInerney plead guilty to manslaughter. Whethere it’s here, LA Times, VC Star, etc. the posters who sympathise with Lawrence Fobes King repeat the same rubbish. Any1 who sees nothing wrong with Lawrence Fobes King masturbating in front of others or Lawrence King harassing others in the bathroom has something wrong with them. I’m against starting fights & if a gay is not harassing others, then leave them alone. But if a gay is going to be anti-social such as harass others in bathroom or masturbate in front of others as Lawrence King did, there’s no need for a man to take it. There’s no need for Brandon J. McInerney to take the abuse that Lawrence King did & there’s no excuse for the school not punishing Lawrence King when complaints were made about his anti-social conduct. I know I’ve been repeating, but I don’t want gays masturbating before others & I don’t want excuses made when they do it. Lawrence King is dead because nothing was done to end his anti-social conduct when complaints were made.

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