Time In

As many have I’m sure noticed, the lights at Juvienation have been turned off for the past few days.

Blogger’s prerogative: this is not my full-time job, and it’s not my only freelance gig, either. I’m trying to keep a lot of balls in the air, and sometimes that requires scaling back on the time I typically dedicate toward tracking JJ news and writing up posts.

Too much information: in this case, two deadlines were converging on the same date. I just handed in a review of Hari Kunzru’s novel My Revolutions, about a former ’60s radical who’s dredged up after half a lifetime underground, and finished copy-editing a forthcoming book by Chris Hedges and Laila Al-Arian called Collateral Damage, a tough look at the toll the Iraq War has taken on Iraqi civilians, featuring extensive testimony from US vets.

Now, with those assignments out of the way, I can flip the lights back on at this blog. In the future, when the site goes dark, as it did this week, just assume it’s on hiatus; I’ll come back to it as soon as my plate clears.


One response to “Time In

  1. Everybody gets busy — this is a great blog, so if there’s nothing new for a few days, I just keep checking until there is.

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