Masked Marauder, Unmasked, Strikes in Gotham

I don’t know how this happened, but the copy of the New York Times that arrived on my stoop this morning does not include this editorial on juvenile LWOP, “A Shameful Record.” I found out about it during my daily visit to Sentencing Law and Policy, and followed the link to the Times‘s website, where it appears alongside the other editorials that actually did make it into my copy of the paper.

Today’s (nearly lost) NYT editorial is the latest in a series of superlative unsigned comments on the state of juvenile justice in America. If you check the Juvienation backlog, you’ll see I’ve flagged each of them as they’ve appeared since I started this blog last summer. The best way to track them down on this site is to run a search on “masked marauder,” the moniker I designated for the superheroic editorial writer, whose identity was a mystery to me until recently. I’m happy to report, at long last, that his name is *************.

Now, on to the mystery of the vanishing editorial…


2 responses to “Masked Marauder, Unmasked, Strikes in Gotham

  1. I hadn’t noticed that it was unsigned — why would the writer not want his or her identity to be known?

  2. Editorials are typically unsigned so that they reflect the opinion of the newspaper, not simply that of the person who wrote the piece. That’s one of the reasons why this series of editorials was so impressive: the writer wasn’t merely filing a handful of great dispatches on his own; he was doing it in the voice of the paper of record.

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