Northern Irish Prison Guards Threaten Strike

It’s always a good idea to track how other juvenile prison systems roughly similar to ours handle adversity; we can learn something, I think, from the similarities and differences, and the distance affords a fresh perspective on the way our own system runs. To wit: immediately after three correctional officers were injured yesterday at a juvenile prison in Northern Ireland–one was stabbed in the eye with a pen and may have suffered a broken arm–the head of the prison officers’ association blamed “inadequate staffing levels.” A day later, he’s demanding an urgent meeting with the Justice Minister and threatening a strike unless guards are given representation rights.


One response to “Northern Irish Prison Guards Threaten Strike

  1. This is interesting to me as a newcomer to issues related to juvenile justice. So far, I’ve seen only an interview with a prior employee at our SuperMax in Colorado (current employees are apparently prohibited from talking about the environment). How do US prisons typically deal with these situations? Lockdowns are typically the only reaction I’ve seen to violent incidents that may or may not be the result of understaffing.

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