Green Light on Cali Sex Abuse Case

A few weeks ago I noted that

Five inmates at a group home for adolescent boys are suing San Mateo County, California, and Project 90, the nonprofit subcontractor that was hired to provide rehab services at the Bay Area home, claiming that the county failed to protect them from a sexual predator working for Project 90.

At the time I pointed out that the plaintiffs were facing a statute-of-limitations challenge because, as the San Mateo County Times reported, “Individuals who want to sue a governmental entity, such as the county, must first make a claim before filing suit–and they are required to make that claim within six months of the alleged wrongdoing. Because the teenagers were abused more than six months ago, their attorney was forced to petition the county to file a late claim.”

Well, it’s on. Reviewing the case on Tuesday, San Mateo County Judge Marie Weiner granted permission for the inmates’ attorney to move forward with the suit. The San Mateo Daily News has the update.


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