Texas Police Bust Teen Prostitution Ring

Awful story out of Fort Worth, Texas: several teenagers have been arrested in an alleged prostitution ring involving girls as young as 12.

“After befriending the girls and getting them high,” the AP reports, “Varrio Central gang members took them to some regular customers and then sought other men by trolling apartment complexes, offering the girls’ services for $50, Fort Worth police Lt. Ken Dean said.” Dean explained that the boys targeted runaways and girls from troubled homes, and if the girls refused to become prostitutes the boys beat and assaulted them and threatened their families.

Details on the boys and the charges they face:

Diego Rodriguez, 19, and Martin Reyes, 17, were charged with counts including engaging in organized criminal activity, aggravated kidnapping and trafficking of a person. Rodriguez, held on $170,000 bond, did not have an attorney, and a lawyer for Reyes, held on $150,000 bond, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

The cases of two boys, ages 15 and 16, and the 15-year-old girl accused of helping the gang are being handled in the juvenile system. Police expect more arrests as the investigation continues, Dean said.

(Thanks, DS, for the tip.)


One response to “Texas Police Bust Teen Prostitution Ring

  1. i always find out about child prostitutes too late, damn it!

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