Maryland Gov Hopes to Expand DNA Database

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, introducing the first proposal on his agenda for the new legislative session, announced yesterday that he wants to expand his state’s DNA database to include samples from not only those who are convicted of violent crimes and burglaries but also from anyone who’s arrested for such crimes. As the Washington Post reports,

The proposal, which the legislature will consider during its 90-day session, was praised by law-enforcement officials as an important tool for helping resolve unsolved crimes. But the initiative drew strong objections from civil libertarians and public defenders, who said it would infringe on the rights of people who are ultimately found innocent of crimes.

O’Malley (D) said the proposal, which would cost $1.7 million a year, is modeled after a law in Virginia, one of 11 states that have started taking DNA samples from arrestees in recent years.

“I can’t believe that we’re going to do this,” State Senator Lisa Gladden, a public defender, said. “The mere fact that you’ve been arrested is not dispositive of criminal activity…. Good policing involves shoe leather and smarts to get the job done. You don’t just use technology to ensnare people.”

O’Malley, the article notes, will follow up on yesterday’s announcement with an appearance today in Baltimore, where he plans to introduce a new program to monitor 200 at-risk youths. One hopes that this “monitoring” does not involve genetic sampling.


2 responses to “Maryland Gov Hopes to Expand DNA Database

  1. Lisa Gladden is phony and unprincipled. She may be a public defender, but she has not been any type of champion for justice in the state senate. O’Malley or Mike Miller will easily sway her to support their agenda if they need her support. The ONLY elected official representing Baltimore City that has had the balls to fight for justice, consistently, and in the face of political adversity, is Delegate Jill Carter. She is the only one that stood up to O’Malley when he was wrong, making mass uncharged and unchargeable arrests, and cokking books. Carter is the only politician that will not compromise her principles or her constituents because integrity is in her DNA.

  2. Notice Gladden’s comment is: “I can’t believe we are going to do this”. She accepts it as a foregone conclusion. Someone who would fight for her beliefs woukld have said:”Wecanot and will not allow this to happen.” Gladden killed legislation to require lead-safe water in Baltimore schools a couple of years ago because she wanted to help O’Malley protect his record more than she wanted kids safe and healthy. Water in many Baltimore schools is still contaminated with lead today because of Lisa Gladden. She also killed legislation to stop quotas in the police department but then later sponsored it because the FOP threatened to expose her.

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