The (Unsolicited) Help Alice Bordsen Campaign

Somebody really should lend a hand to Alice Bordsen, a Democratic State Representative in North Carolina, who is struggling to persuade her colleagues to bring juvenile court jurisdiction to 16- and 17-year-olds. North Carolina and New York are the only states that automatically transfer 16-year-old offenders to adult court; Connecticut was in the shameful club until last summer, when Governor Jodi Rell signed a bill raising the age of majority to 18.

Bordsen introduced a similar bill earlier this year, but it has stalled in the General Assembly. And the Governor’s Crime Commission is dragging its feet on a study Bordsen would like to see showing the costs and benefits of implementing such a change. 

The comments section on this post is open for suggestions–I’ll gladly compile any helpful information readers have and send it along to Bordsen. Alternatively, if you’d like to contact her office directly, visit her website.


One response to “The (Unsolicited) Help Alice Bordsen Campaign

  1. You have talked to people at the Campaign for Youth Justice, right?

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