Roper at Work

This local news story out of Arkansas offers a daily reminder of why Roper v. Simmons was such an important case. It’s about a hearing to decide whether Uris Magana-Galdamez, a co-defendant in a murder case, should be tried as a juvenile or an adult; he was 17 and on the scene when Erickson Dimas-Martinez, a 21-year-old friend, fatally shot 17-year-old Derrick Earl Jefferson.

According to the Benton County Daily Record, “Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Martinez but are prohibited from seeking the same punishment for Galdamez because the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to sentence anyone to death for a criminal act the person committed while younger than 18.”

Another life spared.


2 responses to “Roper at Work

  1. so wat derrick did not diserve to die in such a horrible way…
    the two guys who killed him should have death penalty ma baby didnt diserve to die all he wanted was a ride home and he even offerd 30 dollars in gas and for them to rob him wat the heck they should of never took his hat,coat and money man that is so mest up if they get away with this murder case man i want him to know that he will never be forgotten

  2. Uris in my opinion is being falsly accused by two little skanky sisters. Who’s to know what those girls say about him is true, they could be lying. It’s just two knieving lil girls. I personally knw Uris and he’s a kind hearted loving person that didn’t have anything to do with this murder.

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