Kentucky: JJ Commish Out

Remember Bridget Skaggs Brown, the Juvenile Justice Department commissioner in Kentucky who was ordered by a circuit court judge in September to revamp the state’s system for classifying sex offenders? (The program was directing all young sex offenders into long-term treatment centers, often far from home, regardless of the severity of their offense or their mental capacity to gain from the centers’ rehabilitative services. Background here.)

Well, she resigned last week–but not because she was pushed out for her shoddy work. Thanks to her strong ties to outgoing Governor Ernie Fletcher, who is issuing a bunch of executive orders in his last days in office, Brown was promoted to chair the Kentucky Parole Board. According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, youth advocates are welcoming a change in operations on the juvenile justice side, which, many say, “has become too focused on punishment and incarceration rather than the treatment and rehabilitation required under Kentucky’s juvenile code.”


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