Morton West Gives Peace a Chance

I have to hand in my tardy slip on this one, but I’m pleased to report that officials at Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois, decided on Tuesday not to expel eighteen students who held a peaceful antiwar protest November 1. I hope everyone on the school board learned their lesson from this embarrassing episode. Next time they threaten to expel students for “gross disobedience and mob activity,” they should make sure that the disturbance they’re charging the students with is more threatening than a rousing chorus of “Kumbaya.”


One response to “Morton West Gives Peace a Chance

  1. So I am interested in your response to another issue that nobody seems to be focusing on with regard to this case. Why doesn’t anybody seem unnerved by the fact that the principal, superintendent and guidance counselors took it upon themselves to decide who should be given lesser punishments (ie athletes and college bound students), that kids were asked to “finger” leaders in exchange for “a better deal”, and some more fortunatel parents were notified of the incident and told if they picked up their kids by a certain time, there would only be suspensions? Is this uneven justice acceptable by the very individuals who these kids rely on as role models? Shame on them. I find this lack of accountability very disturbing. I wrote a post on this when it first happened and I have been following the blogs and media ever since –and nobody seems too bothered by this. Why not?

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