Mauffray Recused From Jena Six Media Request

Judge J.P. Mauffray has recused himself from the decision over whether to open Mychal Bell’s juvenile proceedings to the public. Thomas Yeager, an Alexandria judge, was selected by the Louisiana Supreme Court yesterday to replace Mauffray. Yeager, in turn, has set a hearing for November 21 to decide whether to grant a media consortium’s request to be given access to Bell’s trial in juvenile court and for a gag order to be lifted.


One response to “Mauffray Recused From Jena Six Media Request

  1. Yup, exposing Mychal Bell’s criminal record will surely prove that Reed Walters (a Democrat, btw) acted in a racially biased manner when he let Bell walk away from four previous felonies with only simple probation. What’s funny is if Bell had simply taken the original plea bargain in the Barker beating, he would have gone into the adult first-offender program, received another simple probation, and had his record cleared once probation was over. He could be playing college ball right now.

    Instead, he is still in jail with his entire criminal record laid bare for the public. All the supporters of the Jena 6 have achieved is sentencing Mychal Bell to a lifetime of bagging groceries.

    Congratulations, people, for a job well done!

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