Boot Camp Verdict Prompts Calls for Federal Investigation

The eight defendants in the boot camp trial celebrated their not guilty verdict on Saturday with a barbecue, but they’re not in the clear just yet. The Justice Department and the US Attorney’s Office in Tallahassee are reviewing the case to see if there are grounds for federal obstruction charges against them. If the investigation moves forward, the defendants will have to head back to court to explain why their reports about Martin Lee Anderson’s death were riddled with inconsistencies and omissions. In addition, a civil rights investigation has been announced.


One response to “Boot Camp Verdict Prompts Calls for Federal Investigation

  1. celebrated their not guilty verdict?

    What shame!

    The S.O.B.’s know they killed that poor little 14 year old child. If this had been his parents & grandparents beating him on video, they would have been jailed without question. It’s an outrage that these murderers would even think of celebrating.

    The jurors should be ashamed in the name of God Almighty. What is this country coming to!

    Martin Anderson didn’t deserve to die like that. The boot camp was suppose to be a place to help him straighten his life out….not a place to have him murdered!

    In the name of God Almighty…bring these murderers to justice and let them pay dearly!

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