Boot Camp Nurse Filed Misleading Report

Kristin Schmidt, the nurse who stood by and watched as seven boot camp guards pummeled Martin Lee Anderson with hammer blows, did not tell her supervisors that Anderson had been hit or that he had been forced to inhale ammonia tablets. That and other details in this AP report on the fourth day of testimony. Plus, of course, Tony Simmons’s live blog from inside the courtroom.


3 responses to “Boot Camp Nurse Filed Misleading Report

  1. Sandra Highsmith

    I am a RN and I am appauled at the behavior of the entire disciplinary team that handled that young man. However, the role of the nurse on site, is more than appauling. In my opinion, it was disgraceful and an insult to nurses throughout the nation. Even if not one of those guards recognized signs of distress, she certainly is trained and educated to assess a situation of trauma and quick assist. She should be stripped of her license and be held accountable for assisting in the death of that young man. This is not a case of black or white as far as racial issues, but of horrible neglect resulting in the demise of this child. I do not believe any of the accused went to work that day expecting to be at the hand of causing someone’s death, but every person accused should have went to work with the expectation to deliver assistance to every child in need, and I believe that did not happen! My heart goes out to all involved, I know if everyone there could go back and change that day, they would and so would I.

  2. I am appauled also that a nurse stood there & watched a child be beaten to death before her eyes and she did nothing to stop it. What monsters! Her license should be stripped & she should do prison time for murder. How dare she call herself a nurse. A nurse is dedicated to serving the need of the sick & helping to preserve life… not destroying it!

    These people are the true animals. This was a child that was murdered like an animal. We as humans cannot allow another child to fall prey to these vicious cruel b%%%%%%%!

  3. How could they let those guards get away with killing Martin Lee Anderson, they were beating him like he was a grown man, common sense could showe that he was limping, and was not well, and they could’nt keep hands off of him, and would not stop holding his mouth shut and suffocating him. oh how my heart aches after seeing the video! Plane murder. Everyone the guards, the nurse, the jury, the prosecuters, and everyone else that said these people were innocent are not human, they are animals and don’t deserve to walk on this land. Even though they were not found guilty, in Gods eyes they were found guilty, and each and everyone will have there judgement day.

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