Walters and the “Villainous Act”

District Attorney Reed Walters–who threatened black students at a school assembly in Jena last fall that he could “take away your lives with the stroke of my pen”; who charged six teenage boys with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy for getting into a school fight, claiming their sneakers were potentially lethal weapons; who continues to prosecute his case against Mychal Bell even after the Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated Bell’s conviction; who in recent weeks has refused to talk to the press even as his case has captured the attention of newsmakers and citizens around the country–offered a pathetic self-exculpatory comment today on the three white students who hung the school-colored nooses that set this whole mess in motion: “I cannot overemphasize what a villainous act that was,” he told Richard G. Jones of the New York Times. “The people that did it should be ashamed of what they unleashed on this town.”

You did know, Mr. Walters, that you had the authority to prosecute that “villainous act” as a hate crime… didn’t you?


One response to “Walters and the “Villainous Act”

  1. Can you please post the statute to which you are referring when you say that the D.A. had the authority to prosecute the “noose” incident?

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