New Report on Reforming Arkansas JJ Centers

More than 100 of the 143 inmates at the Alexander Juvenile Assessment and Treatment Center in Arkansas have no business being there, according to a new report. Almost all of them are misdemeanants or probation violators, low-level offenders who–instead of being treated as criminals and locked up with the state’s most violent offenders–would be better served in nonrestrictive environments closer to home, like treatment centers and community day programs. The report, written by some of the state’s top juvenile advocates, recommends that the center in Alexander be shut down and replaced with two forty-bed facilities for the small number of offenders who will need to remain confined. The authors cite Missouri’s success with a similar model, pointing out that state’s remarkably low rate of juvenile offenders (8 percent) who graduate to adult prison. Democratic State Senator Shane Broadway said he plans to introduce legislation next year to address the report’s proposals along with those of a legislative task force that is looking into similar reforms.


3 responses to “New Report on Reforming Arkansas JJ Centers

  1. a bot i know is coming to the alexander facility . i don’t know anything about it but what i have read on the internet. i’m not sure of the place. i will be checking on it very close and will not tolerate any wrong doings that i am aware of.

  2. I have a non-profing organization in the State of Arkansas, and one of my programs includes “Prison Outreach.” I’m trying to assist a young man with researching the new reform laws for juvniles who committed crimes at the age of 14 or 16 years old. There was recently in change in that law for juveniles who received Life Sentences. Could you assist me in finding this law? Thanks in advance.

  3. Juvenile Laws changed in the State of Arkansas for juvenile offenders that committed a criminal offence with life sentences at age 16 or below. Do you have a copy of that law? I am assisting a young man in this research through my non-profit organization.

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