Breaking News: No Bail for Bell

AP reports that Mychal Bell has been denied bail in juvenile court. Melissa Bell, Mychal’s mother, left the courthouse in tears.


One response to “Breaking News: No Bail for Bell

  1. I know all too well of the situation that we see here…I am a 24 year old female who was raised in a small town in Mississippi by the name of Philadelphia…Neshoba County to be exact. Have you ever seen the movie “Mississippi Burning?” That movie depecits my hometown. This is 2007…we should be so far past all this hate…what did the people die for in the Civil War? What was the point of the Civil Rights Movement if all these years later…people of different races cant even get a fair trial? Its my understanding that this “attack” was the result of on-going racial tension in Jena…so why is only one side being punished? Was it right to hang nooses? Was it right to let this situation escalate to this point? Why wasnt something done until now? Let me explain why…in the imperfect society that we live in, the white children did no wrong…but the black kids did, even though they were racially provoked in this matter…this makes no sense…the people in Jena claim there arent any racial tensions there, so where did these white children learn this hatred? Where did they learn about the nooses? Believe me, they knew exactly what they were doing when they hung them from the trees…they knew exactly what disturbance they would be causing. In my point of view, the town of Jena does have racial tension, because that kind of hate isnt taught in schools…its taught in the home. We as people can’t be mad at the children alone, but should be even madder at the parents of these white children for teaching this kind of hate and behavior…How many school fights have there been when some “unlucky” child gets knocked unconscious and out of those fights, how many of the “aggressors” have been held in jail facing the rest of their lives behind bars??? Let us take a moment and think of it this way:::What if it had been a white on white fight, would the same punishments be given…or what if the “aggressor was white and the “victim” was black…would the same punishment stand? Would we have ever heard about it??? This is senseless and we as Americans need to stand up for what we know is right.

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