News of the Goofs: Premiere Edition

Every once in a while, in the process of combing through newspapers and websites looking for the latest juvenile justice news, I’ll come across an incident in which a teenager or group of teens somewhere has committed a crime that’s so harmless and goofy and clever that I have to fight the urge to cheer him (or them) on. But why keep these little gems to myself? Starting today I’ll start posting them for readers’ enjoyment, in an ongoing series I’ll call News of the Goofs. In the premiere edition, consider this story:

Black River Falls Schools Close After Vandals Deflate Bus Tires


BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis. — Black River Falls School District officials had to cancel classes Monday after someone deflated the tires on all 18 school buses.

Valve stems had been loosened or removed on the tires, but otherwise they had not been damaged, “which is a good thing,” Black River Falls High School Principal Bob Lecheler said.

The vandalism occurred sometime between 7 p.m. Sunday and 5:45 a.m. Monday, said Black River Falls Transportation Director Jeff Walker.

“We tried to get enough buses up to have a two-hour late start, but just couldn’t do it,” Walker said.

Ron Leisgang, a mechanic at the Flying J truck stop, was on site at 7 a.m. and filled the last tire with air just after 11 a.m. Monday.

District officials and Black River Falls police still are investigating who might have done the damage.

Lecheler said classes will resume this morning as scheduled. The cancellation for now will be treated like a snow day.

Maybe he just needed a few more hours to finish his English paper?


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