One More Charge Reduced in Jena Six Case

The charges against Robert Bailey Jr. have been reduced from attempted second-degree murder to aggravated second-degree battery, following similar reductions for fellow Jena Six defendants Mychal Bell, Carwin Jones and Theo Shaw. Bailey pleaded not guilty yesterday to both charges against him: aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy to commit the same. Given the momentum here, it’s fair to expect the charges against Bryant Purvis–the last of the five who was tried as an adult (the unnamed sixth was 15 at the time of the offense and was tried as a juvenile)–to be reduced in a similar manner. Bailey’s trial is set for November 26, but his defense counsel plans to request more time to prepare.

This update comes courtesy of an AP wire report that also provides more information about Al Sharpton’s request for an investigation of DA Reed Walters:

Sharpton wrote to Gov. Kathleen Blanco and the state board of ethics on Monday asking for an investigation of the district attorney’s actions in the case.

“The prosecutor from the beginning of this case has seemingly employed less than ethical and just legal tactics in over zealous attempts to have Mychal Bell unjustly convicted,” Sharpton’s letter said.


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