Charges Reduced for Two of Jena Six

The Associated Press reports that charges against Carwin Jones and Theo Shaw were reduced today from attempted murder to aggravated second-degree battery. No word as yet regarding Bell’s hearing, but his appearance in court is, thankfully, receiving a fair amount media attention. Fatimah Ali devoted a column to it in the Philadelphia Daily News, and CNN has a story placed prominently on its home page, apparently as a teaser for primetime coverage tonight. Putting the national spotlight on Jena could be very helpful, maybe even the key to reversing the momentum in this case. Here’s hoping people tune in.


One response to “Charges Reduced for Two of Jena Six

  1. God Bless those young men whatever happens to them because we all know that it wasnt a fair trial i truly hope theyare ok and i am here for them no matter what. so what they were on BET they needed to clear their heads they are still young they dont have to walk around with a cloud over their heads. WE need to teach these children how to live for today. How many of you would not take the opportunity to go on BET and show your face>? Seriously when you were young would you have turned them down>?

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